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Streaming Pools with Stainless Steel

Streaming pools are used for swimmers particularly for training and diagnostic analysis, both in amateur and competitive sport. This type of pool can provide a flow rate of up to 2.5 m/s and is equipped with an underwater window and/or cameras with digital recording facilities. Spiroergometric tests can be carried out on every swim stroke up to competition speed.

A streaming pool enables optimisation of swimming technique and tactics when preparing for competitions. Performance can be analysed using biomechanical, sports-medical, sports-psychological and training-methodological tests during training exercise. These results enable improved, individualised loading and training concepts. A streaming pool is indispensable to modern competition training.

Specific individual demands, measurable stresses and performance analysis all allow an optimum treatment. The patients experience improvement in performance or less success directly, during exercise. Body awareness and sensory motor sensation can be successfully developed by varying the flow rate. The massaging effect of water upon the whole body deserves special mention.

Streaming pools for therapy, rehabilitation and prophylaxis are ideal for in- and out-patient rehabilitation facilities. The 'streaming-in' version is the perfect custom-design. This provides a still area in the right and/or in the left half of the pool, allowing the patient to warm up and rest without having to get out of the water. Extendable steps, ladders, lifts and other aids make it possible to treat severely disabled and poor swimmers.