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Therapy Pools with Stainless Steel

"I don't believe that I can name any other medicine that cures more reliably than water." (Sebastian Kneipp, father of the 'Kneipp Cure' hydrotherapeutic treatment)

When Kneipp began to promote the healing virtues of water to doctors and to the sick, he could not have foreseen the variety of treatments that are now in use to reduce pain, to treat illnesses and, of course, to help us to relax.

With the development of modern therapies and the 'discovery' of wellness, pools have become genuine fountains of youth for body and soul. The technical demands that are placed upon therapy pools are as diverse as their applications. This is why we specialise in the design and construction of these facilities in stainless steel.


Even small pools, when made out of stainless steel, can be fully equipped - with massage loungers, massage nozzles, gargoyles, counter currents, jet streams, underwater spotlights and even underwater music. Stainless steel pools are distinguished by their contemporary elegance, custom-made to meet every individual requirement.

In collaboration with therapists, we have optimised our pool constructions for rehabilitation and therapy. We have developed special adjustable pool floors for disabled people who are not in a position to be able to swim. These pools are hygienic and easy to clean,  thanks to their smooth surfaces. We offer the required safety arrangements to optimise the patient's access into the pool, e.g. lifts or wheelchair ramps.