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Stainless steel pool

The application of stainless steel for pools of every type has become the dominating type of construction in pool systems over the last few years. Even when constructing a pool for the high quality hotel and private area, stainless steel appeals to the customers’ wishes. Stainless steel pools impress by an extreme durability, short assembly periods, an absolute tightness, an huge variety of shapes, excellent hydraulic and hygienic quality and a low maintenance effort. For equipping the pool with attractions, all usual elements like underwater spotlights and speakers, massage loungers and benches, massage nozzles, gargoyles and many more can be used.

Stainless steel pools are usually produced with self-supporting walls so that they do not need concrete walls. For reconstructions, it is also possible to line the existing pool body with stainless steel. To pass the cold winter seasons, it is not necessary to drain the whole pool. It is far enough to lower the water level.