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    swimming pools made of stainless steel
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    Indoor pools
    hygienic & easy-care

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    movement & therapy pools
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    streaming channels & pools
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    Hotel pools
    Luxurious & stylish

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    outdoor pools
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Pool Construction with Stainless Steel – Variety with no limits

Indoor pools as well as outdoor or leasure pools can be equipped with swimmer's pools - preferably in 25 x 12.5 m - and non-swimmer's pools with streaming channels, underwater spotlights, massage nozzles, loungers or benches, gargoyles and so on. The customer and operator especially appreciate the absolte tightness of the stainless steel pools which remains over an unlimited time and not causes any problems regarding the moisture penetration of the structure.

Those advantages are more and more used when building hotel and private pools. The short assembly time assures an efficient construction progress with only low construction expenses for the stainless steel pool.

Even school or teaching pools belong to our range of performances. The assembly is carried out with completely prefabricated wall elements of 6 m length which will be stringed and welded together to build a stainless steel pool. By using this module construction, the low-maintenance stainless steel pools can be easily built into existing facilities.

Furthermore, we are engineering and developing therapy and exercise pools. Those pools are particularly constructed for rehabilitation and treatment of the locomotory system and may be adapted perfectly to different therapeutic needs. The pool floor is coined in a special slip-resistance rate to ensure the stability during water exercises.

Streaming pools are used for the field of competitive sports as well as for rehabilitation. An adjustable streaming is created in which the athlete or patient may realize a performance test.

Pool new construction:

When carrying out a new pool construction, the prefabricated wall elements are set onto a concrete foundation, afterwards braced and retained angularly.

In outdoor areas, the level is filled up with ground soil and a floor cover up to the pool edge. Loungers, benches or niche ladders are integrated into the wall elements so they can be installed as prefabricated segments.

Pool Reconstruction :

When it comes to renovating existing pools, cladding the walls with stainless steel offers the best alternative. The flexible and extremely durable material gives old structures a new, lustrous shine.  It gives even older public pools a new lease of life.

Prefabricated segments are attached to the old pool walls. Stairs, loungers, benches or niche ladders are integrated into the wall components so they can be installed as prefabricated segments.

In principle, the majority of the construction of the components used in both techniques takes place in our factory. This has the advantage that the manufacture, especially the manufacture of complicated structures, can be realised under ideal conditions and regardless of the weather. For the assembly, the stainless steel body is segmented according to the optimum transport and integrated features, and will be reassembled on site later on.