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    swimming pools made of stainless steel
    bathing fun

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    hotel pools
    luxurious & stylish

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    Indoor pools
    hygienic & easy-care

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    movement & therapy pools
    durable & ergonomic

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    private pools & swimming pools
    elegant & stable

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    streaming channels & pools
    compact & highly dynamic

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    Hotel pools
    Luxurious & stylish

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    outdoor pools
    hygienic & easy-care

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    represented globally

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Metal Construction

We produce stainless steel casings for customers from many different industrial sectors. Our customers especially value our technical equipment and our professional expertise. Here, we guarantee quality and flexibility for small batch series as well as for individual orders.


An additional specialisation is the construction of stainless steel containers, plant and equipment for a variety of industries. By using only stainless steel, we can assure the highest quality of these products.

Custom Designs made from stainless steel

We construct stainless steel equipment, either in small batches or individually, for both indoor and outdoor use for swimming pools, public buildings or street furniture according to your individual requirements.

... Barbecues from our own production